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The republic of Cyprus is an island country in Eurasia and is to be found within the eastern Mediterranean region. Cyprus is a European country situated directly to the south of Turkey with Lebanon to the east, Greece to the west and Egypt to the south. It lies on the migration path between Europe, Asia and Africa. Today is considered one of the best places in Europe to invest. But why to choose Cyprus?

Many options and many innovative ideas to invest in Cyprus. But there is one thing that all the bellow options have in common. A place to stay, whether you are making a business opening or investing in real Estate, a place that fits your needs it’s a must. A place that feels like home, we are here to support you in this part and help you make the right choice.

The diverse culture and the stable setting with the Mediterranean climate make the island an ideal place to raise a family, along with the low criminality and an excellent education system. But Cyprus doesn’t work only for families, but for any ambitious person who is looking for new openings of investment.

High quality of life, access to markets, attractive and transparent tax regime, low cost of doing business and excellent regulatory structure are only a few reasons to choose Cyprus. The many options of investment exist and day by day they multiply as Cyprus grows and evolves in many areas.

The rise of a fuel hub made Cyprus a world class interest after the discovery of hydrocarbons in Cyprus’ EEZ. Many developers have attracted by this fact and made significant investments. Vasilikos the sophisticated oil storage terminal, it’s a terminal one of a kind in Eastern Mediterranean, that connects Europe and the Black Sea with markets in the Middle East and Asia.

Cyprus is also an emerging investment fund center in Europe. Investing in funds is a consolidated, recapitalized and modernized banking sector. The last years significant amounts of FDI have been attracted very securely and with a transparent and effective way. An efficient and safe investment option for Cyprus these years is investing in funds.

If you are ambitious and looking a startup destination, Cyprus is a smart choice as the country’s top priorities is the entrepreneurial spirit and value creation though fresh and innovative ideas. The rapidly growing startup ecosystem along with the innovative research of highly educated and talented humans, give the opportunities and a range of incentives render to start and scale companies here. High tech successful companies have either expanded or relocated in Cyprus using it as a base, and that because of the encouragement of EU and the national funding.

As Cyprus is one of the most famous holiday destinations worldwide, investing in tourism and hospitality is the most resilient and strong economic sector. Not only the island’s natural beauty, the breath-taking landscapes and the very warm weather but also an upgrade in development and new experiences are being created day by day. 5-star hotels, marinas in all major seafront cities casinos, skyscrapers and many more are expected to further stimulate this rising industry.

Another popular choice among investors is Real Estate. Either for a second home or a business move is a choice that has been happening the last years. From life to business, it is still an attractive move as it combines yearly sunshine, natural beauty and high quality of life. The construction sector is also rising the last years, prestigious large-scale projects, incentives and an influx of foreign investment.

Cyprus has also built a successful diversified and robust maritime industry, capitalizing on it strategic location. The attractive legislative and operational shipping infrastructure, a solid and efficient tax framework and an excellent communications network are things that offer a unique set of competitive advantages. According to registration fees and taxes as well as services Cyprus is considered one of the most reliable shipping centers worldwide.

This island has space also for the creatives and lifted spirits as it is a natural film studio which is ideal for investment incentives. Everyday is shiny, deep blue seas with sandy beaches, magical forests and mountains they make Cyprus unique in beauty. Apart from natural advantages Cyprus can give you other encouraging incentives in film production. Cash rebate or tax credit are some benefits for the production companies that will choose to film in Cyprus. Investors can also benefit from tax discounts on investments made on equipment and infrastructure, and VAT returns on expenditure in scope.

Last but not least education. Cyprus is a world class educational research center of excellence with high quality academic institutions, this blooming industry has 3 public and 5 private universities and more than 40 public and private higher education institutions. Undergraduate and postgraduate programs, at affordable costs along with a large variety of choices and sections. The international and scientific recognition are two of the main reason why thousands of students come to study in Cyprus from all around the world.

Whether you are looking for investment in business or education or anything you could thing of a house is always a thing to keep in mind. Our company is next to you all the way to help you find the right place for your needs in Cyprus.